Sundancers Blanket

made with recycled cotton



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Only at dawn and at dusk will they meet,
An aching embrace, together complete.
Entangled they dance as the sun greets the moon,
In the air a sweet melody, a haunting tune.
They set fire to the sky, sunset and sunrise,
The handsome dark moon, and his Apollo bride.

Brief is their meeting and as night drapes the sky
in crystal-studded cloth, their severance is nigh.
The lovers part ways in passion and sorrow,
Farewell my love, until the soft light of the morrow.


The tale of our Sundancers design is a romantic one. The dancers represent the sun and the moon as star-crossed lovers, briefly meeting at dawn and dusk, like the wild and fleeting dance between life and death. 

We couldn't be prouder of this unique heirloom design. Woven from the softest recycled cotton here in the UK by one of the last remaining cotton mills in England, and then finished by hand using a traditional blanket stitch. 

Made in England

Size: 200cm x 170cm

75% Recycled cotton
25% Other fibres 

OEKO-TEX® certified