Looking for guidance and support in the following?

✦ Exploring creative ideas
✦ Story telling 
✦ Problem solving
✦ Overcoming low self confidence
✦ Unlocking creative block
✦ Creative direction and goal planning
✦ Monetising your creative skills
✦Help with manufacturing
✦ Motivation and accountability 

1 Hour Session

Flourish & Prosper

I am offering 1:1 hour focus sessions. You can send me questions ahead of the call which we can address during the session. I will the design a bespoke action plan to help you start working towards your goals. 

We can have as  few or as many sessions as you need. Perhaps you just need a one off session to help to kickstart the new year. Or we can have regular sessions where I can help you achieve your larger goals, discuss projects, keep you motivated and offer accountability. 


Limited Offer

For a limited time only, I am offering your first session with me for only £50, in return for your feedback. After that, a single 1hr session will be at the usual price of £150.

If you'd like to have regular sessions with me, please contact me for a multiple booking discount. 



Will the session be held over phone or video call?

Our 1 hour Flourish & Prosper mentoring session will be held via call. We can either speak over the phone or by a video call, whichever makes you feel more comfortable. If we're having regular sessions, then video calls maybe required so I can visually share research and plans with you.

What does the 1 hour Flourish & Prosper mentoring session look like?

I'll send you a few questions prior to our call so I can get to know you and prepare ahead of our session. There will also be an opportunity for you to send me some questions that we can address during the call.

During the session we can work through your questions and any areas you require help and guidance with. I will offer some solutions and suggest some goals to focus on.

After the call, I'll design a bespoke plan to provide you with clarity and focus and suggest some effective actions to help you start working towards your goals with creative confidence.

What are the benefits of regular sessions?

Regular mentoring sessions means that we can really get down to business! I can help you work towards your goals in real time. You can text, email or Whatsapp me during sessions with any questions or worries and I will be there offering solutions, motivation and holding you accountable. I will also continue to send you updated plans and checklists after each session.

I also offer a discounted rate if you book 3 or more sessions with me.

I'm local, can we have our sessions in person?

Yes absolutely. Local clients can choose to have an in person session with me.

Time to flourish & prosper!

I'd love to work with you, drop me some info below and I'll get back to you right away.